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Miniature World's
Classroom and Group Field Trips

Open Seven Days a Week

Miniature World has for years been a popular destination for class school trips. Not only does it provide an entertaining walk through history with it incredibly intricate dioramas, it is the range of themes presented that makes for such a rich and engaging field trip.

Circus World
Miniature World has, over the last 40 years in business at their Empress Hotel location, continued to update their miniature themes and depictions so that there are now well over a hundred displays exploring everything from the building of the first Canadian railway, to the world's smallest working sawmill, to futurist worlds and classic fantasies such as the Land of Gulliver and the World of Dickens.

Students can observe in the finest artisan detail, accurate, miniature re-enactments of historical events, geographical aerial perspectives and a complete range of worlds within worlds, including amazingly articulated dollhouses, Enchanted Castles and a massive re-creation of the World of the Circus complete with animated rides and soundscapes throughout.

Enchanted Valley of Castles

A field trip to Miniature World is a fun, artistic visit to 'a museum of the imagination' that is sure to entrance and provoke creative appreciation in young and old alike.


Canadian Pacific Railway
Miniature Lumber Mill
World in Conflict
Circus World
Fantasy Land
Space 2201

649 Humboldt St. Victoria B.C. V8W 1A7
Ph. (250) 385-9731 Fax (250) 385-2835
Victoria, British Columbia
Featuring an introduction to the art and science of building within a virtual world. For classes of up to 30 students/computers.
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Miniature World's
Online Virtual Field Trips using Windows-based PCs

Open Seven Days a Week 24/7

Students meet inside a virtual Miniature World

During a typical virtual field trip, the class is connected via Skype with our co-ordinator who will walk through the steps required to download and run the Isle of Minutia software. Typically they will then meet online in front of our 3D representation of Miniature World. It is from here that the journey begins as everyone goes in through the front doors as if they were actually downtown on Humboldt Street in Victoria, BC.

The class or group is given a personal tour by our co-ordinator who was also responsible for building the Minuta virtual world. The entire experience is a wonderful mix of touring and learning about virtual reality and is suitable for one or two hour sessions. Generally it is decided before hand by the teacher and co-ordinator as to how much and at what level of detail to include technical information about how virtual worlds are created. A text-based chat log is kept of the entire text conversation throughout the field trip for review later.

  • A Virtual Field Trip the way it has always been imagined!
    Whereas others promise a ‘virtual’ environment through panoramic photos, videos or automated walk-throughs, Miniature World is presenting a uniquely interactive world with some great theme areas to plan your online field trip around. Everyone has their own avatar character and if need be, teachers have enough control that they can eject anyone who is not behaving.

    The guide can leave the class to their own explorations or the group may decide to be guided around to particular theme areas they are interested in. Some customization of these field trips is possible if previously arranged. As an example, a teacher or instructor may wish to introduce other elements into the field trip such as finding a hidden treasure or object as part of a challenge for the class or set up a typical team-based game of Capture the Flag or some other competitive activity.

    All in all a virtual field trip to Miniature World's enchanted Isle of Minutia opens up new possibilities that students, young and old alike will find intriguing and thought provoking as they learn how our technology is expanding online interactivity into the landscapes of imagination and wonder.

  • Booking a Virtual Field Trip
    Arranging a time and day to book a virtual field trip is easy. Simply Click Here to register and provide some basic contact information and we will contact you with a free download that you can test your computers with. The software installation is automated and allows you to login immediately to field test its performance using your current technology. Please note: our Isle of Minutia software is currently only designed to run on Windows-based PCs over a high-speed internet connection.

    Space 2201
    Calgary 1890s
    Land of Gulliver
    Royal British Airfield
    Battle of Britain
    Olde London Town
    The Enchanted Castle

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    649 Humboldt St. Victoria B.C. V8W 1A7
    Ph. (250) 385-9731 Fax (250) 385-2835

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  • Over 85 exciting miniature dioramas and displays. Welcome to Miniature World -- one of the most popular tourist attractions in downtown Victoria, BC, Canada. Your visit here will be a memorable experience for years to come. You'll feel a lasting desire to return! Welcome to the little people's Wonderful World of Smallness, walk down its road -- step into the Story Books of fact, fiction and fantasy. Return to those fond memories of yesteryear, those childhood dreams and history's greatest moments! Buy your Yearly Season's Pass today! See the World's Smallest Operational Sawmill, 11 years in the making.
  • View two of the World's Largest Doll Houses circa 1880 with over 50 rooms beautifully furnished in exquisite detail.
  • Experience the Great Canadian Railway, Canada's National Wonder of the 1880s and one of the World's Largest Model Railways.
  • Visit the Wonderful World of the Circus and return with us to those nostalgic days when the circus came to town. Feel the magic, the wonderment of the Grand City Parade, the Big Top, the Wild Beasts and the death defying High Wire Acts.
  • Enter our time warp to Space 2201 AD and travel with us in our Avian 1 spaceship to distant cosmic shores.
  • Return to wander through the Enchanted Valley of Castles and experience the many great Castles of Europe then travel on to witness the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.
  • Further adventures, tiny treasures and little pleasures await all who continue into Frontier Land, Fantasy Land, the Fields of Glory, the World of Dickens and Olde London Towne of 1670. Special effects in lighting, sound and animation are added to create this miniatured extravaganza that continues to thrill and delight the young and young at heart!

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